Kim Kardashian simply marched in her most lovely appearance



The wardrobe of Kim Kardashian-West can be a rollercoaster of style with more twists and turns than Space Mountain at Disneyland.

After confessing that Cher is her ultimate style icon, Kim seems to have swapped the singer’s style and gone partying with Barbie in recent weeks.

And now Kim has revealed her ultimate styling hack for curating her wardrobe and it’s as fantastically ridiculous as the star herself.

Speaking to People Magazine, Kim revealed that when she really can’t be arsed, she sends actual models with the same measurements as her to go and try clothes on for her.

Explaining the concept in greater detail, she said: “There are fit models — we have gotten people who have my exact same measurements — and they try on all the clothes, photograph it, do the fittings for hours every day of all the different Yeezy looks.

“At one point I sent over my entire closet to my husband’s office, I had full time security because I was so nervous. But that was just to photograph it with the fit models there and put looks together.”


If only we had the money to hire people to try clothes on for us…Oh Kimmy, only you.

Take a trip down memory lane below with a comprehensive look at Kim Kardashian’s fashion evolution…



Malibu Barbie, we know you are jealous of this pink two piece and the clutch to match. With her wet look hair flipped to one side, Kim Kardashian-West is PEAK perfection right now.

Kim Kardashian pink dress


Shades and fries? This is just us on a hangover. Minus the cracking pink dress and glorious ‘Glass Hair.’

Kim Kardashian perfect pink dress



Whipping her blonde hair around like she don’t just care, here Barbie… sorry I mean Kimmy shows that NO ONE knows how to ‘clothing contour’ like Kim Kardashian-West.


Despite wearing camouflage, Kim was hard to miss in this sheer top as she spent the evening with her sister Kendall in New York.



For Balmain’s spring/summer ’17 show, Kim wore a crochet Balmain look straight off the catwalk and went completely naked underneath. It’s one of her more risky looks for sure.


Kim displayed her figure in all its glory in this ethereal white cutaway dress for a Tiffany party in New York.


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